Identified - We are receiving reports from some customers that calls from some phone networks are failing to reach our support line 0800 021 1693. This appears to be a wider UK phone network issue and not a direct issue with our support number. You can reach us on 0800 917 6273 as an alternative or send us an E-mail to or contact us via chat.
Jun 16, 20:00 BST
Identified - Unfortunately the setup of your Nextcloud instance is not possible. Our developers already are working on the problem. Please try to start the setup process in a couple of days.

Thank you for your understanding.
Jun 15, 19:09 BST
Control Panel Operational
Email Operational
Webmail Operational
Microsoft Exchange Operational
Email Archiving Operational
Office Partial Outage
Microsoft 365 Operational
HiDrive Operational
G Suite Operational
OX App Suite Operational
Managed Nextcloud Partial Outage
Mail System and Delivery Operational
Sending Emails Operational
Receiving Emails Operational
Domains Operational
DNS Operational
Registry Interface Operational
SSL Operational
Website Builder and Hosting Operational
MyWebsite (ordered after 09/06/2017) Operational
Web Hosting Operational
Managed Cloud Hosting Operational
MyWebsite (ordered before 09/06/2017) Operational
MyWebsite NOW Operational
Servers Operational
Dedicated Server Operational
Cloud Server Operational
eCommerce Operational
Online Store Operational
Online Marketing Operational
ListLocal Operational
RankingCoach Operational
E-Mail Marketing Operational
SEM Service Operational
SiteAnalytics Operational
Contract Management Operational
Contract Activation Operational
Order Page Operational
Cancellation Service Operational
Billing Service Operational
Customer Service Degraded Performance
Customer Hotline Degraded Performance
Support Tool Operational
Partner Portal Operational
Degraded Performance
Partial Outage
Major Outage
Past Incidents
Jun 19, 2021

No incidents reported today.

Jun 18, 2021
Resolved - The issue has been resolved.
Jun 18, 14:45 BST
Identified - Some customers have contacted us to tell us that following the last update of their antivirus software, it displays a warning message when it tries to access Webmail or the IONOS Client Space and blocks the access to the latter.

After detailed investigation, the issue was identified as originating from the security software vendor and as such is beyond our control, so we contacted that vendor for further clarification.

We recommend that all customers who cannot access IONOS Webmail using or the Customer Area using, to contact their antivirus support.
Jun 18, 08:44 BST
Jun 17, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 16, 2021

Unresolved incident: Issues with the setup of Nextcloud.

Jun 15, 2021
Jun 14, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 13, 2021
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jun 13, 11:00 BST
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Jun 13, 05:00 BST
Scheduled - In order to provide you with a secure and reliable service, we regularly perform system maintenance work.

During this time, you will not be able to access your billing information through your Control Panel. Additionally, our Customer Service Team may not be able to answer all questions related to your account. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We will endeavour to keep the downtime to a minimum and once the maintenance is complete, all services will be restored.

Thank you for your understanding.
Jun 11, 06:51 BST
Jun 12, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 11, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 10, 2021
Resolved - The issue has been resolved.
Jun 10, 16:03 BST
Identified - We have received reports that some of our customers may be experiencing issues when attempting to log into Webmail
Jun 10, 13:31 BST
Jun 9, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 8, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 7, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 6, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 5, 2021
Resolved - The issue has been resolved.
Jun 5, 14:10 BST
Identified - Some customers may experience issues while using their Mywebsite Now.
Jun 5, 13:29 BST